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Seoul’s Moonshine Policy is Likely a Washington Nonstarter

North Korea has crossed a red line in its brutalization of Otto Warmbier

Will Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans “Win Just One for the Gipper?”

Is China Trying to Turn the Tiananmen Square Massacre into Fake News?

What Happens When China Excludes Taiwan from the World Stage

Why does Trump think it would be an “honor” to meet Kim Jong Un?

Want to Wreck the Trump-Xi Bromance? Sell F-35s to Taiwan.

North Korea after Regime Change: Who Takes Over?

Armageddon: The Devastating Consequences of a Second Korean War

Trump and Moon Jae-in: possible train wreck over North Korea?

Trump-Xi Summit and the Folly of a Fourth Communique

The Brothers Kim






From America Magazine:

Healing an Old Wound

From the Washington Post:

Responding to the interview with Taiwan’s new president

From the Weekly Standard:

Seoul’s Moonshine Policy is Likely a Washington Nonstarter

The Brothers Kim

Trump and South Korea: It’s Awkward

How Beijing Is Penalizing Two U.S. Strategic Partners in Asia

The Pivot to Asia Is In Deep Trouble

Another Abduction by North Korea?

Mrs. Abe Goes to Pearl Harbor

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Sino-South Korean Relations Sour Over U.S. Missile Defense System

The Empire Strikes Back: Think China is going to accept the Hague decision on the South China Sea? Think again.

The South China Sea Ruling: The Ball is Squarely in Manila’s Court

The Randy Forbes Defeat: Anchors Away for China?

Obama’s Hiroshima Visit Could Have Unintended Consequences

Kim Jong-un’s Nuclear Parade

China’s Internet Fire Wall: A True Great Wall

Trump Would Have Trouble in the General Election in Virginia

China Punctures Asia Pivot with South China Sea Provocations

The Taiwanese Elections: The China Dream Still Includes Taiwan

Beijing Moves to Further Muzzle Hong Kong’s Free Press

South Korea to Show Its Mettle as an Ally with THAAD Deployment?

Xi, Following in Francis’s Footsteps

So Long, Harry: Will Obama’s Apology Tour End in Hiroshima?

Blinking is Not A Strategy Especially when dealing with a nuclear North Korea.

The Abe War Anniversary Statement: More Equivocation than Eloquence

Déjà Vu: Lessons for Iran from the Failed North Korean Nuclear Negotiations

Japan Pushes South Korea Into China’s Arms

The Other Racial Divide: Were Asian-American businesses targeted in the Baltimore riots?

Man Who Attacked American Ambassador in Seoul Has Pyongyang Connections

From Russia with Love: Pyongyang and Moscow renew their friendship.

North Korea’s Sony Hacker: Meet Kim Yong-chol, the man who keeps the secrets.

North Korea: Breaking the Silence

Beyond the Barricades: Xi lowers the boom on Hong Kong.

The Sick Man of Asia: North Korea’s downward spiral.

Which Way Will Seoul Go? The diplomatic courtship of South Korea’s ­president.

Farewell to America’s ‘Unbroken’ Hero

Japan and the Comfort Women: Not a ‘Beautiful Country’

‘The June 4th Incident’: Tiananmen Square and truth-telling.

Deserter in N. Korea May Provide Precedent for Bowe Bergdahl

North Korea’s Hateful Rants Continue to Get a Pass

The Asian Pivot: Does America Still Rule the Waves?

Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement: Impasse Ends on TRA Anniversary Date

Japan’s ‘Irish Question’: Is South Korea slipping away?

Rodman Brings Bread and Circuses to Pyongyang

The Purge of Jang Song-thaek: End of the road for Beijing’s Man in Pyongyang.

Dennis Rodman’s Ding Dong Diplomacy

A Tale of Two Ladies

From NK News:

North Korea has crossed a red line in its brutalization of Otto Warmbier

Why does Trump think it would be an “honor” to meet Kim Jong Un?

Trump and Moon Jae-in: possible train wreck over North Korea?

Donald Trump’s red line: Will North Korea call his bluff?

North Korea and China: don’t bite the hand that feeds you

What does Pyongyang have up its sleeve for President Trump?

From POW to Saint? Father Kapaun’s long, silent night in North Korea

A North Korean crisis could be a defining moment for Trump

North Korea: The house that Mao helped to build

Mexican Standoff:  Can we continue to ignore a nuclear North Korea?

Japan-North Korea Relations: Who’s Sorry Now?

Donald Trump’s North Korea Policy: Hamburgers with Kim Jong Un?

The Kim family’s code of silence: Speaking up can be dangerous

Sister Act: Kim Jong Un’s younger sibling takes the spotlight

Donald Trump echoes Kim Jong Un’s vision for Korea

North Korea: Much more than just bluff and bluster?

Prodigal Son: Will an exasperated China turn to Kim Jong Nam?

Will a post-deal Iran outsource the bomb to North Korea?

North Korea blasts way into US presidential security debate

I’m dreaming of a North Korean Christmas

Could North Korea again save Taiwan?

Chinese Checkers: Beijing plays off Seoul, Pyongyang

Is Bill Clinton North Korea’s favorite president?

Dr. Strange Kim: How North Korea almost handed ISIL the bomb

The other history controversy: China and the Korean War

Falling from grace in the court of Kim Jong Un

North and South Korea: Toujours triste

Korea and America, North and South

North Korea’s Kim family cult: Roots in Japanese state Shinto?

Paddy Power gifts to Kim Jong Un may have breached UN sanctions (Halpin quoted)

From Global Taiwan  Brief – Global Taiwan Institute:

Will Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans “Win Just One for the Gipper?”

Trump-Xi Summit and the Folly of a Fourth Communique

Taiwan in Trump World: The Jury is Out

“Comfort Women” Museum Opens in Taipei: Reunites Korean Victim with Former Taiwan President

From American Thinker:

Blog: A Presidential Election in the Year of the Monkey

America’s Potential Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

Cambodia: On trial for treason for an online posting

April Return to Appomattox

Rand Paul and Isolationist Ghosts in the Republican Party

China, North Korea, and Hypocrisy on Human Rights

From the Korea Times:

Korea shouldn’t let China infringe on artistic freedom

Korean Wave in American politics

Third party role proposed to heal wartime wounds

United States, history and Pacific War

US-Korea Institute at SAIS Policy Briefs:

Taiwan and Japan: The Good Neighbor Faces History Issues

Abe Plays the North Korea Card

Teddy Roosevelt and the Taft-Katsura Agreement

MacArthur Document Reports Imperial Japanese Military’s “Sanction” of Comfort Women Brothels

The Forgotten War’s POW Saint

Obama Letter Contradicts State Department’s North Korean Terrorism Timeline

Illinois Congressional Delegation (Hyde/Obama) letter of January 28, 2005 to the DPRK (North Korean) UN Mission on the abduction of Illinois resident Reverend Kim Dong-Shik (Halpin letter drafter)

Palisades Park and the First Amendment

Hyde letter to then Speaker Hastert on Japanese PM Koizumi’s Yasukuni Shrine visits (Halpin letter drafter)

Hyde letter to Japanese Ambassador Kato on Yasukuni Shrine visits (Halpin letter drafter)

Poblete Analysis Group Backgrounder:

Dealing with Iran Threat: Lessons from Diplomatic Negotiation with North Korea on De-Nuclearization,

From the National Interest:

Is China Trying to Turn the Tiananmen Square Massacre into Fake News?

What Happens When China Excludes Taiwan from the World Stage

Want to Wreck the Trump-Xi Bromance? Sell F-35s to Taiwan.

North Korea after Regime Change: Who Takes Over?

Armageddon: The Devastating Consequences of a Second Korean War

South Korea Loses Its Princess and Gains an Opportunity

U.S. Should Be Appalled by Japan’s Historical Revisionism

China and North Korea: Is Asia’s Dynamic Duo Headed for a Breakup?

Welcome to North Korea’s Game of Thrones: The plot thickens in Pyongyang.

Cambodia: Echoes of Fascism: The rise of the thugs.

Could Taiwan Solve the East China Sea?

Did Burma Lie to Hillary About North Korea? Work with Pyongyang may continue, despite promises to America.

Syria and North Korea: A Real Axis of Evil : Pyongyang’s history with the Assad regime isn’t getting enough attention.

The Failed Promise to Cambodia: The international community needs to help resolve a disputed election

Don’t Abandon Taiwan: Washington’s relationship with the isle is crucial to security in Asia.

From the Institute for Corean-American Studies (ICAS):

Findings of Staff Delegation Visit to Urumqi, PRC, May 30-June 2, 2006 RE: Incidents Involving the Family of Rebiya Kadeer, advocate for Uyghur minority rights

Findings of Staff Delegation Visit to Tokyo, Japan, April 12-15, 2006: Japanese Views of Their Nation’s Historic Legacy from World War II

After the Bomb Was Over: Coordinating Proliferation Strategy in Northeast Asia Following the North Korean Nuclear Test: United States Nuclear Strategy Forum Presentation October 12, 2006

Remarks of The Honorable Henry J. Hyde Following Wreath Laying at Statue of General Douglas MacArthur Incheon, Republic of Korea August 11, 2006 (Halpin drafted))

The Trojan Horse: Pyongyang’s Successful Propaganda Campaign to Win the Hearts of South Koreans and Undermine the U.S.-ROK Alliance: presented to the 20th Annual Conference of the Council on U.S.-Korea Security Studies, October 7, 2005, The Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Ave., NE,Washington, DC

Letter to ROK President Roh Moo Hyun from Chairman Henry J. Hyde on the MacArthur statue issue, September 15, 2005 (Halpin letter drafter)

The Sins of the Fathers: Japan’s Unresolved Historic Legacy Sixty Years After the War in the Pacific: ICAS Spring Symposium Humanity, Peace and Security May 19, 2005

John Paul II, South Korea, and Regime Change in North Korea: Be Not Afraid: Presented at the North Korea Freedom Week Forum April 30, 2005

Alliance at Risk: How the U.S. Congress Currently Views U.S.-Korean Relations: Presented at: The Korean Association of International Studies (KAIS) Conference March 25, 2005 Seoul, Republic of Korea

Opening Remarks to the Full Committee Hearing on “The Korean Peninsula: Six Party Talks and the Nuclear Issue” by Chairman Henry J. Hyde, March 10, 2005 (Halpin drafter)

       The Abduction Issue: A Tale of Two Cities: Seoul and Tokyo’s Contrasting Approaches:  ICAS Winter Symposium & Humanity, Peace and Security  February 10, 2004 

Human Rights in South Korea: Confucian Humanism versus Western Liberalism: Spring 2002 ICAS Symposium May 8, 2002

Human Rights in North and South Korea: Let the Sun Shine In: ICAS Fall Symposium & ICAS Dinner Asia’s/Korea’s Challenges Ahead economic, international relations and security issues October 11, 2001

From the Diplomat:

Actually, It Was the Philippines That Bungled the Crisis with Taiwan

From the Hill newspaper:

Shinzo Abe should use Congress address to apologize

From Foreign Policy:

Next of Kim: Meet the next generation of Korea’s ruling family — while you still can.

Will Shinzo Abe’s Yasukuni Visit Hurt Relations in Washington? (Halpin interview)

From the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Korea Chair Platform):

A Messenger from Rome to the Comfort Women

South Korean-Chinese Summit: A Dose of Reality

Laos Betrays “Gentlemen’s Agreement” on North Korean Refugees

Korea Scores a Milestone with President Park’s Address to U.S. Congress

From Yonhap:

Korea-Japan deal shows ‘leadership,’ ‘courage,’ ‘statesmanship’ of leaders: U.S. experts (Halpin quoted)

Suspension of S. Korea-U.S. exercise could raise doubts about U.S. commitment: expert (Halpin quoted)

U.S. welcomes Abe statement despite refusal to offer apology of his own (Halpin quoted)

From the Chosun Ilbo:

N.Korea’s No. 2 Official Disappears Again (Halpin quoted)

Rodman Showers Kim Jong-un with Bling (Halpin quoted)

Rodman’s N.Korea Trips ‘Embarrass State Dept.’ (Halpin quoted)

N.Korean Refugees Film Strikes Chord at U.S. Screening (Halpin quoted)

U.S. Experts Offer Grim Outlook on N Korea Nuke Solution (Halpin quoted)

U.S. Korea Expert Lambastes Sunshine Policy (Halpin quoted)

U.S. Congress Killed Korea Resolution: Official (Halpin quoted)

Korea Ignoring, U.S. Hiding Problems in Relations (Halpin quoted)

From the Joongang Daily:

Merkel urges apology for comfort women (Halpin quoted)

Twisting facts about ‘comfort women’ (Halpin quoted)

Mulling our shameful memory (Halpin quoted)

From the Taipei Times:

Taiwan-US ties to remain close, think tank says (Halpin quoted)

From The Daily Beast:

Is There a Secret Deal to End the Korean War? (Halpin quoted)

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un, Big Pimpin’ in the Hermit Kingdom (Halpin quoted)

From The Conservative Review:

Malkin: John Kerry in Hiroshima: Apology Tour Redux? – See more at: (Halpin quoted)

From The Japan Times:

The Battle of Okinawa: America’s good war gone bad (Halpin quoted)

From the Telegraph:

Paddy Power gifts to Kim Jong-un could have broken UN sanctions (Halpin quoted)

From the Independent:

Paddy Power in hot water over gifts for Kim Jong Un (Halpin quoted)

From VOA News:

US Moves on Sanctions Against N. Korea Amid Skepticism (Halpin quoted)

Victim, rights group demand Japanese PM to apologize for WWII sex slaves (Halpin quoted)

From UPI:

Reported execution of North Korean official could hurt relations with Russia, expert says (Halpin quoted)

From the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. Experts Challenge Abe View of ‘Comfort Women’ (Halpin quoted)

From Bloomberg Businessweek:

A Korean War Could Cut Pipeline of Vital Technologies to the World (Halpin quoted)

From the Honolulu Star-Advertise

Abe’s visit will be a defining moment (Halpin quoted)

From Asia Policy Point:

Scholars adamant that Yoshida memoirs had no influence in US Joint Response to Mainichi article on Congress and the Comfort Women Resolution (Halpin quoted)

From the Sunday Times (of London):

Paddy Power denies UN breach (Halpin quoted)

From Irish Central:

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power gives Irish whiskey, baby clothes to North Korean dictator (Halpin quoted)

From Friends of Korea Blog:

Guest Blog: Recalling JFK (on the 50th anniversary of his assassination)

From the Heritage Foundation panel discussion:

U.S.-Taiwan Relations Post-Elections, March 20, 2015 (Halpin was on the panel)

From Youtube:

Dennis Rodman brought luxury gifts worth over $10,000 to Pyongyang: Halpin (ARIRANG NEWS)

Dennis P. Halpin – Cambodian Mass Rally at the U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, DC — Sept. 18, 2013

From CNN:

Dennis Rodman in Legal Trouble?; Olympic Terror Threats; Former Virginia Governor Arraigned (Halpin quoted)

From the Jerusalem Post:

Fundamentally Freund: How Israel prevented ISIS from going nuclear (Halpin quoted)

From the Pakistan Telegraph:

US Moves on Sanctions Against N. Korea Amid Skepticism (Halpin quoted)

From the Epoch Times:

US Congresswomen, Other Officials Denounce Cancellation of Shen Yun in Seoul Over Chinese Embassy Threat (Halpin quoted)

From Conservative Outfitters:


From the Kathmandu Post:

Rodman brings bread and circuses to Pyongyang (Halpin quoted)