Taiwan’s President: Go South, Young People!

In a previous blog posting I discussed PRC President Xi Jinping's major policy for not only rejuvenating his country's increasingly sluggish domestic economy but also to bring about a regional burst of infrastructure development: the "One Belt, One Road" initiative along the old Silk Road. Taiwan's new President Tsai Ing-wen faces corresponding domestic challenges to stimulate Taiwan's economy, … Continue reading Taiwan’s President: Go South, Young People!

ICAO’s Not-So-Friendly Skies Exclude Taiwan

WV MetroNews – September 11, 2001 Air Security Should NOT Become a Political Football Post-September 11th. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the leading experts on airport safety and security are gathered for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)'s  39th Triennial Assembly in Montreal (September 27 - October 7)   (http://www.icao.int/Meetings/a39/Pages/default.aspx), representatives of one of the world's leading air hubs … Continue reading ICAO’s Not-So-Friendly Skies Exclude Taiwan

China: Pulling the Red Carpet Out From Under President Obama

Proper Greeting on the tarmac: Premier Zhou Enlai Greets President Nixon in 1972 with a handshake that changed history. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- China, the land of Confucian etiquette, is where diplomatic protocol was first invented.  The sage himself famously wrote in his Analects: “You peng zi yuan fang lai, bu yi le hu!” which roughly translates as … Continue reading China: Pulling the Red Carpet Out From Under President Obama

European Terrorism and Asian Tourism

  Hong Kong victims of axe attack on German train South China Morning Post980 × 551 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One less conspicuous aspect of the axe attack last month (July 18th) on a German train, another in a series of relentless acts of terrorism in Europe this year, was the fact that members of a Hong Kong family were among … Continue reading European Terrorism and Asian Tourism

Why Not India? Just Look at a Map!

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's second state visit to Washington in two years, according to the Washington Post (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/06/06/the-impressively-awkward-hugs-and-handshakes-of-indias-narendra-modi/),  occurred last month (June 7-8) with the usual Washington pledges to upgrade the relationship with the  world's most populous democracy.  I have pondered for a long-time why the U.S. has not vigorously pursued closer ties with a country … Continue reading Why Not India? Just Look at a Map!

Trump’s “China, China, Jobs, Jobs” May Be Robots

2016 is the year of Donald Trump, win or lose.  On Asian policy, his key slogan has been "China, China, jobs, jobs."  This involves his contention that the unscrupulous Chinese have "stolen" America's manufacturing jobs through such unfair trade practices as currency manipulation and IPR violations.  Trump's blue-collar base is convinced that he is the … Continue reading Trump’s “China, China, Jobs, Jobs” May Be Robots